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  • Commissions, Workshops & Artist Talks


Freya does accept commissions for either a bust or a face assemblage. The busts are 3 Dimentional and life size, these could take up six months to complete depending on the type of toys requested. For example ‘Batman’ and ‘ Dear old Darth’ two of Freya’s pieces in the plastic gallery both took over a year to complete. Whereas ‘Bart’ was only about 6 weeks. Freya also creates ‘Plastic Portraits’. These 2D works are portraits from photos supplied by the client. For example ‘Terry’ and ‘Adam’. These Plastic Portraits take about 1 month to complete. Again the commissions may take longer if a specific toy needs to be used, and these toys need to be sourced by the artist.

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Freya's workshops are fun focused, directed towards the child in all of us. Focusing on the re-use of varying materials, from paper to plastic, participants are encouraged to explore materials by cutting, gluing, snipping and pulling apart, using a variety of small tools. Safety is always important, and an introduction to safe work practice with individual tools is always given at the beginning of each workshop. Freya has facilitated workshops for numerous Councils; Campbelltown Art Centre, Casula Powerhouse, Primary and Secondary schools (both public and private), Community events, Art festivals and for private functions. Workshops include: Funky TOYFACE plastic workshop, Funky TOYFACE collage workshop, Blossom Busts, Mosaic pavers, Bodywrap Workshop.

Artist Talks

Freya also gives Artist Talks. These talks include Freya speaking about her arts practice, sourcing materials and what inspires her work. These artist talks are a fun and entertaining ‘show and tell’ for audiences of all ages especially senior High School Visual Art students. Workshops and Artist talks can be combined.